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by Melody Drake

Some state that the only thing that makes music right or wrong is the words.  However, notice this quote:  Satan will make music a snare by the way in which it is conducted.”  Selected Messages, Book 2, p. 38.  This quote does not mention words—only music style.  Clearly, some music styles are wrong.

“The things you have described as taking place in Indiana, the Lord has shown me would take place just before the close of probation.  Every uncouth thing will be demonstrated.  There will be shouting with drums, music, and dancing.  The senses of rational beings will become so confused that they cannot be trusted to make right decisions.  And this is called the moving of the Holy Spirit.”  Selected Messages, Book 2, p. 36.  This quote sounds like the celebration movement spreading through the SDA Church today.  In many of these churches there is drums and dancing to the music.  In other churches, instead of having the drums up front, the music is sung to pre-taped music that has drums.  Drums are used today to produce the rock beat.  Could this rock music be the “snare” that Ellen White spoke of in the above quote?

Let’s examine several scientific studies done on rock music.

  • Rock music has been proven to kill plants.  The Secret Power of Music, by  David Tame, 1984, Destiny Books, p. 141-145.

  • The stopped anapestic beat of Rock and  Roll has been proven to instantly sap physical strength from the listener.  Can Rock and Roll Lead to Rack and Ruin, by Mark Grant, LA Times, February 5, 1978.

  • Rock music has been proven to have a detrimental effect on the adrenaline, sex glands, and blood sugar of the human brain.  Christian Rock – A Strategem of Mephistopheles, p. 27.

  • In 1988, two researchers, Dr. Schreckenberg, a neurologist, and Dr. Bird, a physicist, wanted to find out the effect of classical vs. rock  music on the brain.  They divided 36 mice into three groups of 12 each.  The first group of mice had no music played for them and were in a quiet environment.  The second group of mice had classical music played for them day and night, and the third group had rock music played for them day and night.  The music for both groups was at a decibel level of 80-85.  The environments were in all other ways identical.  After two months, 4 mice from each group were sacrificed and their brains frozen for later study.  The rest of the mice were given three weeks of maze training, then three weeks of rest, then three more weeks during which time the mice were tested to establish the degree of learning.  Throughout this process behavior changes were carefully noted.  At the end of this process, the remaining mice were sacrificed and then all of their brains were studied.  Here is what was found:  The group that listened to no music, and the group that listened to classical music were very similar.  No significant differences appeared.  However, for the rock music group, the following was noted: 1) Excess branching of the neuronal dendrites.  2) Significant increases in mRNA (messenger Ribonucleic acid).  3) Significant decreases in learning retention or memory.  4)Hyperactivity.  5) Aggression.  Some resorted to cannibalism.  6) Lethargy and inattentiveness.  In simple language, the rock music caused 1) brain nerve damage and 2) behavior degradation.  Notes on Music by Carol and Louis Torres.

Everything from God has a positive impact upon us.  Only what is from Satan has a detrimental effect on us.  Since rock music has been proven to have such a detrimental effect upon the body, rock music must be from Satan.

Hear the testimony of a former member of a rock group.  “I soon realized we had a very special rapport with the audiences.  They were literally feeding at our table; tied by unseen chains to our every word—moving, crying, laughing, loving, despising, cooperating, rebelling—at our mere suggestion, whether that suggestion was enunciated or only felt in the music…Believe it or not, it was the realization of this power, its use and abuse, that both captivated and frightened me.  I began to realize that there was less and less “use” and more and more “abuse.”  My life—my personal character—was falling at an alarming speed.”  Notes on Music by Carol and Louis Torres, p. vi, vii.

What is the definition of rock music?  In classical 4/4 rhythm, the first and third beats are emphasized, whereas in rock music the second and fourth beats are emphasized.  This switch in the beat emphasis creates an unnatural rhythm that opposes the natural rhythms of the body.  Notes on Music by Carol and Louis Torres, p. 15.

Rock music excites the emotions.  Is this music that  God uses?  “There was no extravagant excitement, but an almost universal solemnity on the minds of the people.  His (William Miller’s) work, like that of the early Reformers, tended rather to convince the understanding and arouse the conscience than merely to excite the emotions.”  The Great Controversy by Ellen G. White, p. 332.

The above statements prove rock music to be evil.  When we combine this music with spiritual words, aren’t we mixing the sacred and the profane?  See Ezekiel 22:26 and Lev. 10:10.